Beginning the day with a mad rush; I had to endure a two and a half hour commute from London to Birmingham in order to reach the O2 Academy where the concert was held. Waited a painful hour and a half in the numbing coldness before doors eventually opened and fans were welcomed to the concert hall which was the size of a large school gym surrounded by three bars. I expected the lies and delays of concert openings (as you do after attending a couple).
An unannounced opening act also performed, a band named Kassidy originating from Glasgow, Scotland. They played around five songs and even sang an excerpt of a Del Rey song before their exit which prompted Lana Del Rey herself to take to the main stage.

Majestic and stunning, youtube star turned international pop star Lana Del Rey performed her second night of the Paradise tour at the O2 Academy in Birmingham, the concert hall was a large square room surrounded by bars and spectators were all either standing or on the upper floor at the balconies. Though she was a good live performer and the atmosphere was ethereal, perfect for the mood there was one thing that slightly ruined the concert. 

The opening song (as it was on the Paradise album - and also perhaps why the concert was 18+) Cola possessed the crowd to scream and shout as hordes of fans forced themselves forward in an attempt to get even closer to Lana Del Rey (yet another thing that concert fans should be familiar with.) Feeling more like a pancake than ever in my life I, like every other fangirl and boy in the room, sang and chimed to ever lyric that I knew and silently adored to the songs that I didn't. 

Excuse the choppy recording, I'm not often commended for my abundance of arm strength (or therefore lack of…) but I'd given it my best and pieced together a snippets video. For those impatient or hard to please I advise you view only the photos to avoid disappointment - I didn't record an entire song at any point as I quite enjoy the convenience of having a working arm at all times.

Now, why did I describe the concert as the most aggressive I'd been to? Lana Del Rey fans are many things, and crazy just about fits everyone in this category. Fans would shoot looks at one another and speak out loud to poke fun at other people - though this may be regular hooligan antics, it's certainly something I am not used to. People were also very forceful, I understand that pushing and shoving is a standard of any concert but the amount that went on was ridiculous. One girl also punched a boy in the face before escaping the security guards with her friend, out of the concert hall. It was bizarre and hectic and rather disrespectful to Lana - I believe that no true fan would or should ruin a concert like that.

Violence aside, I enjoyed this concert a lot, there was no encore but perhaps it's just not in Lana's nature to have given one - it doesn't take away from the show itself. But if I were to attend again I would opt for a sitting ticket over a standing one.


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