Five Days In Taiwan - Part Two.


{These are two trees, famous for growing themselves and interlocking like a heart shape, a couple hotspot?}

The collection of images above that depict a tranquil scenery happen to be the main destination of our entire trip. Alishan.
Alishan is a picturesque mountain range protected by the Taiwanese government. Famous for it's forest garden and an attraction known as the "sisters lake". Legend's tale is that there were once two sisters who were very in love with one man. One sister in an act of overbearing sisterly love ran into this forest and suicided so that her sibling could be with said man. The other sister (ironically) in discovering this followed suit and killed herself also out of guilt, misery, maybe even love. However (as our tour guide told us) this was only some far fetched story told to children and naive travellers, perhaps.

The garden was a path made of winding hand paved stone roads, concrete stairs, spiralling and twisted trees so high and full they covered the entire sky in greenery. Lakes and rivers also wound around the area making nature and it's course seem all the more complete. The mountain range was extremely well preserved and peaceful - minus the hustle and bustle of tourist travellers taking pictures (I guess myself included)...

Since it was a tourist area of course there were delicacies available as well as temples placed mid-way on the mountain trail.

{Delicious dango!}

An old rickety bridge with hazard signs. Reminds me all those scenes in movies where the bridge breaks and everyone hangs on for dear life. Luckily for me that didn't happen... I even jumped on it. But ssshhhh.

After touring the forest garden everyone returned to the hotel for an early nights sleep as we all awoke at 3am the next day to catch sunrise. A train ride was provided to a different side of the mountain and the best spot for watching sunrise. We waited for around an hour but failed to watch sunrise properly as thick clouds covered it mostly. Feeling like we wasted our time in the freezing cold atop the mountain we slowly nodded off on the train descending. With no extra time to rest after a short breakfast we left the hotel / tourism area {please refer to the video below for a more accurate depiction of the hotel/mountain/trip!}.

{Bumped into this adorable little dog, just had to take his picture!}

{It was definitely a bit random to me but after dinner the tour group was taken to a One Piece Theme Park in Kaoishung. The theme park also had a history village displaying the lives of the "Formosan Aboriginal Culture.}

{A house and pathway of the people belonging to the Formosan Aboriginal Culture Village.}

Finally the trip ended at the Chiang Kai-Shek Memorial Hall where a museum of Taiwan's first president was erected. There is also a large black stone statue that overlooks the temple gardens surrounding the museum. The place was really beautiful however it was the last destination of our trip before we headed to the airport.
I realise that I've been awfully selective with my photos but hopefully the video below makes up for this! It's short but sweet and captures what I believe to be the highlights of my trip! Please watch in HD! Enjoy!

And just before I end this post completely here are some Instagram highlights from my trip:
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I hope this has inspired you all to take a trip to Asia one day! It's really a fantastic experience.

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  1. These photos are so beautiful, I would definitely love to take a trip over there!

    Gen |

  2. love the photos! they look amazing! Taiwan looks so cultural and beautiful!

    Myra x

    Alluring Style


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