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{The silver nail polish was in fact a complimentary gift! and the eyeliner comes with a convenient sharpener hidden at the bottom ~}

Having been M.I.A for far too long I'm glad I finally have some content to put on my blog! 

When something is popular in South East Asia it usually becomes available almost everywhere. Popular Korean web store Stylenanda is no different. Established in 2004 however not finding international fame until recently, Stylenanda provides the everyday modern woman with unique quirky outfits and accessories as well as basics. It's quickly become one of my favourite Asian fashion web stores that surpasses yesstyle by far in a number of ways bar one: prices. Yesstyle offers decent quality (though this varies by item) in garments at mostly affordable prices whereas Stylenanda usually stocks more high-end labels therefore have more expensive products but at a better quality. Though in theory the two are nothing alike. (I won't bore you with anymore dull store analysis - what has my course done to me?!)

Upon reaching success Stylenanda also launched their own independent makeup range in 2009 named 3 Concept Eyes, the ethos being that a woman can use these cosmetics to portray 3 different looks easily. The brand believes that 3CE is for "ladies who have elegance... self confidence ... and (are) highly regarded leaders." The makeup is also based around 3 key colours: pink, orange and beige. The most commonly used colours in makeup coincidentally!

So having laid eyes and spent what seemed like countless hours on their website I was attracted to the sleek, cool packaging of 3CE products, the vast range in colours and stunning model photography. I knew I just had to try it and having used the products for a good few weeks now I can safely say I'll be moving a lot of my staple make-up items to this brand. 

Here I'll be taking you through what I think of the products as well my standard use of makeup which is rather standard but does the trick! 

{Welcome to my bare face on one of my better days, I hope that despite looking like a man like this I can still perform this review properly! Also, this is my first makeup review so please tolerate any mistakes I may have made or ask questions on things I have skipped!}

{3CE Waterful Concealer VS Make Essence Concealer - which is a cheapo weapo make-do concealer I purchased from SaSa as a quick fix!}

{With 3CE on the left you can see that the consistency is much thicker offering more coverage. When blended it's almost completely natural also.}

{Putting the concealer on key areas that require coverage, also the 3CE concealer packs so much into a small drop, a dot is literally all I need to cover each area.}

{The concealer isn't cakey and suits my face with full coverage, on the left you see the concealer smoothed and applied, and on the right is before blending.}

{Follow up with Chanel Vitalumiere which smells amazing and glides on extremely smoothly. I'm very aware of looking cakey but this liquid foundation takes to the skin in very thin layers, making it look and feel natural.}

{Next for me is eyeliner which is an everyday staple so it's very important for me that I find one that glides on well and lasts during the day, as depicted in the photo, 3CE is used on my right eye and Primark branded eyeliner is used on my left eye. Since the 3CE eyeliner is waterproof it outlasted the Primark eyeliner the whole day and was easier to manoeuvre over my eyelids.} 

{To complete with precision since I can never do a perfect wing with just pencil eyeliner I used a thin liquid eyeliner to finish off my mini-cats eye look.}

{And my eyeliner is complete! Oh before I forget to mention, I am wearing GEO Bella Special Grey lenses.}

 {Eyelined with concealer and foundation!}

{Finishing touches I was never big on lipstick or lip colour but was utterly convinced after seeing the difference it made to a whole look. I always believed lip colour to be too dramatic and saved only for special occasions but summer colours are easy and casual to wear and can brighten the face with just a simple layer.}

{3CE's eyebrow mascara as I don't trust myself drawing my own eyebrows in at the risk of looking like a Disney Villain. Eyebrow mascara is a soft alternative to filling in and giving colour lightly to eyebrows. It goes on a but creamy but as it dries and sets it hardens and is more visible.}

{Thus my look is complete!
Also my day-to-day look doesn't vary much from this, I like to keep it plain and simple and the only ever time I get a little bit more adventurous is during Con season and obviously for special occasions.}

{Closeup of the earring I am wearing - it is from one of my favourite stores by Hong Kong based, born and bred designer Timbee Lo, you can find his flagship store at Causeway Bay, Hong Kong! This earring also sounds like a wind chime with my movements, cute right?} 

{iPhone quality, indoors & no flash - without filter}

I haven't felt so vain in a long time but to conclude this post I can say that I highly recommend 3 Concept Eye products as they sell at an affordable price with a large range in usable colours that aren't too crazy. I will definitely using more of their products in future as their range slowly replaces my old makeup choices which were usually scattered around many different ranges. I also have more exciting purchases to be reviewing in the coming weeks including BB creams and wigs! Also await my latest Hong Kong haul as I have returned to the green (and slightly rainier) pastures of Britain; I will miss you Hong Kong! 

No photos of my face were edited (unless stated) for the purpose of this review!
Products used today can be purchased from:


{Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post & all photos were taken on a Nikon J1 bar iPhone photos}

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  1. love this make-up the make-up post!

    Myra x

    Alluring Style

  2. Very natural looking make up, looks great on you.
    Btw you have such cute big puppy dog eyes *0*

    恵美より ♥

  3. great review! i love stylenanda and have been saving up to buy a couple of items from their 3CE line. I really wanted the waterful foundation but i might have to get the concealer too now. thanks for the reviews it was really helpful. lovely blog as well, really enjoy your posts. would love it if we could perhaps keep in touch and follow each other on GFC and Bloglovin'? please feel free to check out my blog and let me know if you'd like to.


  4. The makeup looks great on you :> I love you hair! OMO~!♥
    New follower here. Please follow me on GFC as well ♥

  5. How much is that Lip Lacquer in Hong Kong? Thank you! BTW, your review is amazing ;)

    1. Hey! My memory is a bit fuzzy since this was a while ago but I believe it to be around $150~$200 HKD?
      The prices are decent for what you get but vary depending on where you go.

      Thank you!

  6. hi may i know wheres 3ce located in hong kong?

    1. Hey! There's currently 4 in HK. One in Mong Kok, one in Tsim Tsa Sui, Kowloon and Causeway bay!
      Addresses can be found here: http://www.stylenandaen.com/Front/?url=customerPage&code=shopinfo

      Hope I helped! x


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