Aqua Petit Jelly by Holika Holika Review!


If you're like me and extremely wary of the cosmetics you use (most of the time) you'd do good to search around on blogs for reviews on products you're interested in. One thing I've always wanted to try was BB cream since I'd heard countless amounts of good things about it - but the problem I always faced was which BB cream would be best for me? There are just so many types, colours, textures, brands and let's not forget the newly introduced CC creams and DD creams too, helpful in the confusion of choices. 

Holika Holika is a well known Korean brand of cosmetics stocking make-up as well as skincare products, they are often also better known for their BB creams.

What finally motivated me to purchase the Holika Holika BB Jelly was all the good things I heard about it. As bloggers know bloggers, I've read positive reviews from popular internet idol RinnieRiot as well as tumblr user Juliyah. {Both beautiful in their own way and of course trustworthy in their reviews as they've gathered large audiences in their stride of beauty, fashion and their ways} So I just had to see what all the fuss was about and in less than words can muster I am in love with this product. It is so good that it could potentially replace all my foundations, concealers, powers etc. It feels light on the skin and offers even coverage without looking cakey. Not to mention it smells good too! 

{Arpakasso not included!}

Have I mentioned the adorable packaging? How could I resist that frosted glass flower shaped jar? The product comes with a spatula attached to the lid which makes cleaning/application far easier and more hygienic as you're not sticking your fingers into the pot every time, the box also comes with one sponge! 

As my bare face is viewable from previous posts I'll jump straight to pictures with the product which I must stress aren't edited whatsoever for the purpose of an authentic review. A problem I have with my skin is pore control and I also sometimes have red patches on my cheeks. I'm also considered rather dark for a Chinese girl and this BB cream does the trick for all of these elements. Complete pore coverage including red patches, illuminates the face and hides dark circles (mostly!).

{This is 1 layer of application, personally it's enough for me but if on a day I'm feeling that my skin is especially bad I'd go with 2 layers. The BB cream here is being used respectively of concealers and foundations.}

{Applying the second layer > half blended.}

 {The left is bare skin with 1 light layer > the right, 2 layers applied and smoothed!}

I can't stress how great this product is, it's extremely light on the skin and not drying at all. I've tried so many facial cosmetics that have made my skin feel heavy and covered but this BB cream is revolutionary, it's fast become one of my everyday make-up staples! I highly recommend this product to anyone looking to use BB creams. However the main problem with this cream could be that it only comes in 2 shades - Aqua Beige and Aqua Neutral. Both of which are fairly light. I'm wearing Aqua Neutral as it is the darker option. But since my shade suits me - I give this product five stars out of five!

{iPhone vanity}

Official websites:

Have you ever tried any BB creams? Which do you like most and why?


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  1. Cute packaging !

  2. It is cute packaging...nice review! I'll add this product to my "must-trys" ;D

    Thanks! From Likkie.

  3. great review, love the packaging too! also, thank you for commenting on my blog. followed on GFC and Bloglovin', now just waiting for you.


  4. i am loving the packaging on this product! seriously, so cute!

    lindsey louise

  5. That sounds like a great bb cream...

    Following back =)

  6. cute bottle and love the coverage, skin looks so smooth and picture perfect. Following now :)



  7. I've tried few ones from skinfood, but maybe next time I'll buy holika holika, cause it sounds really nice. :D Love, following you. xx

  8. you have such cute blog layout <3

    would you like to follow each other?

  9. great post ^^ Your blog is a real inspiration!
    I would be glad to follow each other via GFC and Bloglovin <3

  10. So cute stuff! Good review ;D

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    Irene Gm.
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  11. thanks for your lovely comment!
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  12. Great post! I love BB creams :)

  13. wowwwwwwww. nice product. i really love BB creams. would you like to follow each other?' let me know. kisss

  14. Great review! Holika Holika just came to the Philippines and I can't wait to try it :)
    Check my blog out too! Let me know if you do :)


  15. followed :) love your posts..

  16. great makeup , i really love it


  17. hello dear!) I am your new follower via GFC) Hope you will do the same, it would be great!)


  18. Wow, thank-you so much for sharing your in-depth review on this BB cream! <3 I've never used BB cream before, as I usually prefer my trusty liquid foundation, but being Asian myself, I've always been curious to see what the type of BB cream is all about! :)

    I love how it has a very light finish and makes your skin very glowy and luminous! :) It definitely does not have that "cakey" feel that foundations/creams sometimes gives off. It looks very natural overall, which is definitely a plus! ^_^

    So glad I discovered lovely blog today! :-) I'm your newest follower. I hope we can stay in touch!


  19. I've heard so many good things about this BB Cream~ thank you so much for reviewing it in so much detail^^ Also, I really love your hair colour*-* It's super pretty! x

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  20. Looks great on you girl!

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    Xo, Michelle

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  22. just came across your blog~~
    wahh your really pretty + your skins looks so great!!!!
    pretty please check out my blog maybe??

  23. omg your skin looks so flaweless :o I heard a lot of good things about this bb cream so
    I might want to try this one after my current one is used haha :D
    I think the packaging is super adorable too~ ^-^*
    Thanks for this review, Joey! :)

  24. Great review, and your skin is freaking stunning! You already have flawless bare skin! :O *__* So pretty! Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this BB, I love it as well!


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