{TAP coffee, London}

Quite the contrary, I am extremely poor at the moment, having quit my job back in April to embark on a 6 week placement (which I do not regret) then being whisked off on an exotic trip to Hong Kong and Taiwan there is but nothing in my purse but the coppery remains of foreign currency and british pennies. But no matter how low on funds I may be feeling (or in fact am) seeing friends is a must-do and coffee and good company does not cost the earth so off I went, into the city centre of Leicester for a good chin wag and a cinema date to see The Mortal Instruments which I have extremely mixed feelings about but I love the books and will see the next film just for curiosity's sake.

{Earring - Timbeelo, Top - Stylenanda, Bottom - Yesstyle}

So the day's outfit was just a relaxed combination of loose harems and a floaty mint top. Golden accessories and even some pink! I must do something about the faded ends of my hair as it's beginning to be described as "mouldy" I completely understand why this is a hair colour now after being utterly confused the first time I heard it (Thanks Sarah). 

Getting ready is almost always more fun when your rabbit decides he needs an hour of vanity also. Bless fluffy pets that do cute things that make you happy.

Hope everyone's having a good week!


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  1. Hi Joey! Love the post, those earrings are too cute! And your bunny is ADORABLE!! It's so fluffy I could die! ^__^ And may I also add, your nails are the bomb! So long and pretty! Love your blog, especially the header, it's gorgeous!

  2. nominated you on liebster awards :)

  3. helllo

    there pretty girl ! Wow such a nice blog !
    Dropping by and mind to Follow me on GFC and drop by
    my lovely blog !
    Love to be friends

  4. Great post I love the photos. I like your blog. Maybe you can visit my blog and follow me on gfc and bloglovin.

  5. Hi, I nominated you to Liebster Awards ^^

  6. Girl sad hi5 for the brokeness - I feel the pain!!
    Love the mint with the black and the gold accessories. Simple but well put.
    That BUNNEH <3

  7. Hello Joey! I've nominated you for the Liebster Award!

  8. Ah, I know this feeling of having not enough money in the purse. I'm also looking for a new part-time job currently but every student seems to take everything away haha.
    Your bunny is so adorable! :)


  9. Nice outfit~! Your rabbit is sooooo cute!!^_______^
    New follower here~! Follow back on GFC?:>


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