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{After playing an extremely fun game of "Is that a wig or your real hair?!" on facebook (Well everyone knows now) I thought I'd reveal the origins of this wig!}

Prolonged inactivity can only mean the start of term! Yes the great academic year has begun yet again and it is my final year which means lots of late nights, stress and costly printing. I simply can't wait! Needless to say I've spent the past couple of weeks moving and now that I have settled in, finally have time for some blogging!

Recently (or not so as I've been putting off this post in the midst of crewing at conventions and such) I made a purchase on Syndrome Store ran by a popular net idol RinnieRiot {Storenvy is my new haven these days, obviously it's close rival Etsy isn't far behind but Storenvy is far more customisable and therefore the new craze for up and coming independent online boutique owners}.

As I've previously mentioned though my main passions lie within contemporary fashion (God bless all the fashion weeks and their instagrams this month) I'm a not-so-closeted-geek since I've great interest in anime/manga and of course the Cosplay culture - though if I recall correctly I've only ever cosplayed twice my entire life. Through the rise of such a culture, sub-cultured fashion trends such as lolita, ulzzang's, gyaru's, generally those who pursue Kfashion or Jfashion (K=Korean, J=Japanese) has brought on the popular use of wigs, whether that be cosplay wigs (that come in bright colours such as blues, greens, pinks) and/or regular wigs (sweet brown curly hair, black, long, straight hair etc.)

So instead of spending what could potentially be hundreds of pounds, bleaching my hair, dying it and having it fade out in possibly a week (I asked my local hair salon and that is what they told me) I figured I'd invest in a wig! This is the Lily Wig. All of the wigs are lovely so be sure to check them out!

{Items included: Wig Cap, Bobby Pins and Comb}

{As you can tell, or are about to I had a lot of fun with this wig... some lighting and editing can make major changes to the colour but it is primarily a subtle lilac.}

{Cat Face Dress also from Syndrome Store, it's very low quality but for $20 it's about right. | Instagram}

The quality of this wig was actually very good. I was extremely impressed and shipping wasn't too bad either. However curly wigs get extremely tangly so I found myself combing this day in and day out. If a wig is to be kept in good condition it should be brushed regularly and when not in use, placed on a wig stand. Apparently the fringe doesn't suit me but I probably won't end up modifying it in case I mess it up hah! I haven't yet had a real opportunity to wear it yet but once I incorporate it into an outfit there'll be OOTD's of that soon!


Also, here's a quick snap of my newest phone case! Thank you to my friends who pitched together to buy it for me! {Eat your heart out iPhone 5c/s! I've become quite the case collector} admittedly it looks very different from the advert photo...

This product is from GuiltyFreeCandy and it was supposed to look a bit more like this:

I actually received this present 4 months after it arrived so it was a tad late to raise the question of why it looked so different, but worry not, I love it all the same and have been clutching to it since the day I received it. God I love deco phone cases! - So ends my short and sweet update! Have a great week!


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  1. So cute wig! I have been planning to get a wig myself too... so I should really check her store!

    Glitter Bunny Nail Polish Giveaway!

  2. Cute wig and that phone case has to be the cutest thing ever, I love sweets this is perfect!

  3. Ugh, that wig is gorgeous. Perfect hair makes me cry on the inside.
    THAT PHONE CASE IS RIDICULOUS. It's really pretty, but how on earth do you bring that around with you? XD

    Vanessa | Citron and Guavaberry ʘ‿ʘ | Makeup & Silly things

  4. Loooove the wig, and you look awesome in it! I'm glad I found your blog, its actually really awesome. 8D (Love the decoden phone, I'm obsessed with them lately!~)

  5. Hello Joey~!
    This wig looks sooo awesome and I love the color QwQ I also know RinniRiot she's so pretty ;w; It's a shame the cat top is low quality but at least it looks nice haha~ I think the phone case looks so nice and kawaii aaaah I'm so jelly, there aren't many nice cases for my phone T^T I just hope the macarons and candies won't fall off after a while :c
    And thanks for entering my Giveaway ; u ; And to your comment: Omg never ever haha, I will probably never have a lot of followers because me is not super kawaii + I rarely blog haha XD That's not a good combination LOL You're such a kind person hehe :)
    We should keep in touch eheheh ~ ^-^*


    1. Mindyyy, you're so nice. Thank you for your comment! Yes the phone case is huge and bulky but I can't resist it! I just put it in a roomy handbag and I'm good. ^-^ Which phone do you have? I guess you could always get creative and make your own phone case! Haha, fingers crossed mine is sturdy and stuck on too ~

      Nonsense too, you're super kawaii and your posts are more regular than mine!
      We should definitely keep in touch!


    2. No need to thank for that hehe~ :D I have a blackberry bold 9790 there aren't any nice cases for that phone ugh T^T I need to find a kit or anything to make cute phone cases, maybe I should open a storeenvy and make kawaii phone cases for everyone with the same problem~ haha
      And omg thank you so much ; u ; But you're super cute too and you don't blog so unregular either :3 We should really keep in touch :>

  6. The colour and curls are so adorable!

    恵美より ♥

  7. Cute wig! The color looks so good on you!

  8. love the wig and that phone case looks super kawaii!!!

  9. Cute wig and a case that looks so yummy!
    ~ xx

  10. What a gorgeous wig. The hair color is just so pretty!

    Stephanie | fashion and tea

  11. Oh sweetie your wig is absolutely beautiful looks natural and lovely is very long too. Your phone case is heavy?

    I want invite you to Join to my MOOTTA Giveaway for win "Innisfree Masks + Anklet"

  12. Can't believe it! I've also wanted to colour my hair like that, but to avoid destroying them i decided that wig is gonna be better option. I thing I'm gonna order the same one.. (we're gonna be twins, yeah ;)) xo

  13. you're so so beautiful! Following you :)


  14. You look great with it! And I want to eat your iPhone case :)
    Cute blog!
    x Hannah

  15. Wow you're so kawaii :3 love the wig, you look really awesome. Hope you can follow my blog xx

  16. The wig looks so good on you, it would be great to wear for cosplay purposes ^_^
    And your heels omg. They're amazing!
    Your phone case is adorable as well! Doesn't it feel bulky to carry around though??
    Btw following your blog now hehe! Hope you check out mine ^_^

    xx ♥

    1. I need to pluck up the courage to cosplay first haha! But thank you so much!
      The phone case is extremely bulky but luckily for me I have big pockets and if that fails - handbags!
      I just checked out your blog too, it's adorable! Great posts - following back!


  17. Love the wig so much! Taro is a nice color


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