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{Dress - Topshop | Bag - Céline | Shoes - Jeffrey Campbell}
{I finally got a tripod, guys! - still getting used to this photography business...}

{GEO Grang Grang Choco from, I buy all my lenses from them, reliable, fast shipping, affordable and UK based!}

The fall of the season. Back at uni I find myself inevitably visiting every coffee shop I pass. An old favourite I paid another visit to Druckers (basically Patisserie Valerie) for some chocolate cake and coffee. 

Our first assessed module (me and my fellow uni students) begun with a mock interview. I guess this is my simplest outfit {excuse the amateur posing, I am new to the tripod selfie crew}, I'm most confident in all black, but when dressing for an interview it's most important to look neat, black is just easy to work with. Other acceptable colours include white, cream, beige and I recommend any light accessories that won't make too much noise! Especially for you fidgety people. Those are just a few tips for interview and work wear!

Feedback from my interview today included things like being more anecdotal. Giving real and relatable examples of situations are most desirable. The best kind of interviews are ones that should feel like flowing conversations. Being stiff and nervous will definitely not score bonus points! These will all be duly noted for my next interview. Yet another short and sweet update {groan} but I go to Italy tomorrow so watch this space for lots of lovely travel stuffs! 


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  1. Replies
    1. Thank you so much! Tripods are tricky! ^^
      I hope you're well!

  2. your photographies are awesome! I like the lenses your wearing and the outfit too :3 Thanks for the tips for interviews haha. And Have fun in Italy, I'm looking forward to your travel post :D

    1. I took way too many photos in Italy! But I can't wait to share my travels (may take a while to put the post together haha!)
      Thank you ~

  3. can never go wrong with all black! very chic interview attire :)


    1. Oh I know, I'm guilty of wearing black all the way through the cold seasons sometimes, I don't wanna come across as boring during interviews though! Maybe I should find something with a block of colour?
      Thanks for your comment!



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