Firenze-y! | Italy, Florence! Part II


No longer fresh in my head as it's been a fair while now but this is the second part of my Italy trip! Thankful for the good weather that allowed me to take a good handful of tourist-type photos and enjoy ice cream in the warm heat, I've not got much of a story to share as in Florence there is more art and scenery to soak in than activity but that is good (at least for me) nonetheless.

{Would've loved to give this fish purse a home if it weren't €18 with a "No Bartering" sign slapped to the stall.}

Just a tip for fellow wander-lust ridden travellers: when you visit a market in a foreign country, especially places like Italy, you'll find people trying to make a living selling fake designer goods, now these are illegal to purchase and sell but that doesn't stop these shady traders. One of my friends was followed all the way up the market street by a man trying to convince us "No, no this is not a fake!... It's a very good copy!" in his slightly (okay, very) broken English. Now while this was rather intimidating I couldn't help feel a little sorry for him however, his offer on a fake Prada tote began at €90, quickly dropped to €50 and then €20 when my friend said that was all she had to her name, his last offer was €15 and keep in mind that this was without bartering.
Times are hard indeed. And so was escape from this desperate man.

Italy, being the country of art and aptly so too - is home to many artists who are littered around markets, tourist areas and other scenic places. They sell works of their art which varies from beautiful watercolour backgrounds to memorable caricatures and, to be quite honest I've never understood caricatures as they seem to exaggerate someone's worst features (and if you're a flawless looking human being then it may be more worth your money!) but most of the time I'm not convinced with any caricatures...

We then crossed a bridge in Florence where we left the tourist area and main city to visit inner Florence, and the change was noticeable due to the fact that menu's no longer had English translations on them and there were no recognisable shops!

{Sarah with her "camera" for the trip!}
{Found an adorable stationary shop in Florence where everything was very authentic and niche, sadly the sketchbooks were rather expensive as they were all (I believe) handmade.}

Lounging around the Uffizi Gallery's terrace there were many independent artists and I'm not sure if this is strange but I often feel an impulse to ask people "What's your story? Where are you from?" I saw this artist sitting comfortably in the open (along with many other artists) and felt a burning desire to ask him but shyness took that courage from me. It was just that he looked as though he had the most interesting stories to tell... When I began browsing his art he spoke in perfect English "You may touch them (the canvasses) if you like." So I did, browse his mini art works but sadly neglected to make a purchase. Student tourists are ironically poor.

We also didn't manage to pay a visit to the Uffizi gallery due to some extortionate entrance fees (€21.50! That's aprx. £18 and that's with a pre-booking) but I found the outside just as majestic as I would've the in, probably.
{The shops all look so quaint and adorable in Italy, I think that's what I love most about shops, the interior deco definitely makes a difference and I love the rustic, niche and cute setups most of these stores have!}

{Anyone that knows Italy will know it's famous for it's designer flagship stores and though SAVE THE QUEEN is one of the lesser known brands when sat amongst names like Louis Vuitton and Gucci, it definitely has it's mark on the fashion world and I took this picture especially for a fashion designer friend of mine as I remember her telling me how STQ was her favourite brand (though it's been a couple years!) Hi Beth!}

The trip concluded with a visit to a vintage fair and the fair was actually held at a fort, now this may sound interesting but it was indeed just a lot of stone. Stone built paths, towers, buildings. etc. And the most interesting stall there was a vintage fashion stall, the others consisted of food market stalls and other various household item stores, like people who sold vases and soaps and cooking utensils. 
Though I really enjoyed my time in Florence I do believe it'll be a while before I visit again. Italy was a place I lusted to visit for such a long time and it's architecture was just how I imagined - breathtaking. But the trip itself wasn't exactly thrilling or exciting, now I don't really expect fire breathing circus acts around every street corner but Italy lacked a certain PIZAZZ (not to be confused with PIZZAS, they had a lot of that) and/or tranquility that I sought on trips. 

The night could've ended with another round of drinks and partying but me and a couple friends enjoyed a quite night in with Chicken McNuggets and take-out paella while watching 21 Jump Street.

Holidays done right? debatable. 
A nice time? Well, definitely!

Do you have any travel stories to share?


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  1. I'm so jealous! It's my dream to see all the arts in Florence, they're just so breath-taking! :)
    Thanks so much for sharing your trip to us, the photos are fantastic. <3

    Take care always, love Christine ~ xo
    Chriissydollxo Blog | BlogLovin'

  2. Awesome recap on your trip, there's so much culture in Florence, so much to see. Not surprised by the bartering man hassling you for fakes, every big city imo has someone selling fakes. Glad you got away!

    likkie xx,

  3. Italy looks so beautiful, I've never been before but your photos make it look so pretty! Did you only go to Florence?

    Yeah 3CE really needs to come to the UK I can see it selling out super quickly too so they'd make loads of money! I doubt I'm going back to Hong Kong next year because i've been super busy, if you go then you'll have to let me know so I can leave a huge list of things to buy with you :p haha!

    You're right, we definitely need a catch-up! I hear you're working in Birmingham again? I will need to come by and see you on one of my days off!


  4. Wow, you took some lovely photos! It's been about 10 years since I've last visited Italy and I would like to go back some time. The guy following you around the market place sounds kind of sad :( I understand what you mean by wanting to ask artists what their story is!

  5. I'm glad you loved Italy, Florence is so beautiful and every time I go there it's like the first time! It's a pity you didn't visit the Uffizi gallery because it's amazing (Botticelli and Leonardo above all) but I totally agree that's an incredible expensive price. Actually most of museums and galleries in Italy are too expensive, I hate it! So glad I've found your blog, have a look at mine if you want!



    Lulu's Sister


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