In My Wildest Dreams


Aptly titled for both Shivani Chavda's S/S Lookbook and me as a one day intern really. It's been three years now since I met fashion graduate Shivani Chavda. If you can remember many posts back I worked on some fashion shows where I had the privilege to work with Shivani - and as I've mentioned before, despite the stereotypes, she's a lovely, down to earth and creative soul. The kind you want to befriend and just be around.

Set in a quaint little studio in London; It was around a year ago that I was kindly invited to her lookbook photo shoot as a behind-the-scenes assistant. This was just a position that entailed helping out where possible. Taking pictures of what happened during hair and makeup and even the photo shoot itself! Steaming the garments and making sure they were photo ready. It's actually the first ever fashion photo shoot I've had the pleasure of assisting and I really enjoyed myself. Immersing myself in that kind of environment is just extremely friendly. There's a creative buzz everywhere and beauty at every corner of the eye. I saw beauty not only in the garments, but the models, the setting and of course the artists behind the hair and makeup and even the soft hum of Lana Del Rey dressing the background.

If we're going to be speaking technically, this post is at least a year late, but the day that it happened was an extremely proud day for me. I felt like I was meeting the right people and being involved in the right fields. Being fascinated with fashion for as long as I've been, I'm adamant that the best kind of career life is not within something that'll drain your soul for rolls of cash - but the life where you're surrounded by creative individuals, bursting with ideas and personality. That is the kind of job I want to pursue. Cliché, yes, I know, but aren't most truthful things that way?

Anyway, words can only encapsulate so much. Here are a few snaps I took on the day, recording carefully every step towards this stunning lookbook!

{Shivani hand paints and personally crafts all of her props and accessories, that means shoes and necklaces too!}

{Shivani setting up with photographer Tory Smith.}
{Preparing for the backdrop... the right choice of colour makes all the difference!}

{Yours truly, steaming all the wrinkles, creases and worries away ~}

{Hair by KT Gallagher}

{I've always dreamed of having a MUA as a best friend who would make me look absolutely wonderful on my not-so-wonderful days, but alas, that dream has yet to be fulfilled.
MUA by Sasha Cross}
{Model - Catrin}
{Yours truly, attempting to help with some composition.}

Despite my role being rather small, I thoroughly enjoyed all aspects of being an assistant, even though it was only a day! There is no bigger compliment than being asked to help out at things like these. I would like to thank Shivani again for the opportunity and even today she continues to blossom with her collections and exhibitions, keep up to date with all of her activities at on her Facebook Page.

If you thought this post was photo heavy I had taken 10x the amount of pictures shown and filtered it down to this much. Many thanks to the entire team for having me! They/You are all such lovely people to work with and I feel blessed to have met you all and would be honoured to work with you again!


Catrin Wigley | Lucy Roberts | Samantha Jane Peters


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  1. wow you're so lucky to be able to be an assistant last years. That day looks so interesting and such a nice experience haha. I hope you will be able to do this more times. The models are so pretty and all the make up eheh *-*

    1. Me too! Thank you so much haha. It was such a nice environment to be in. I'd love to do it more!
      I know right? I'm always in awe of Models and MUA's!


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