Oh but Joey, you haven't tried ALL the sushi in Birmingham. 
No, maybe I haven't, little cynical voice. But I've visited Yo! Sushi, Woktastic, Mt. Fuji, and that one restaurant in China Town I don't recall the name of - and in my opinion, this place certainly beats all of those above. I do fancy myself a little sushi lover too so trust me for this one!

Yo! Sushi is probably everyone's most well known and number one hot spot for sushi since it's accessible and in the heart of the city. But the Sushi there is in actuality very overpriced and tastes only decent. So now I introduce... Sushi Passion!

The place is extremely small but very efficient. It's an open kitchen which lets you witness the sushi masters create, and very artfully so, the dishes that they serve. Everything is fresh, as one of the chefs once told me they do not buy or use fish they don't deem adequate (no tuna was served that day for that reason) which every competent sushi restaurant should definitely do IMO.

When pitched against the likes of Yo! and Woktastic etc. SP is pretty cheap, and one thing you definitely get from this place is high quality food and fast serving. It's also definitely more worth it if you bring friends along to split the bill with. You see, the larger your platter, the cheaper your sushi. 

The little concession also offers sushi lessons to those that want to learn - but if you're like me and far more interested in eating than learning then be sure to treat yourself to a small meal within it's vicinity. 

I brought along my very loved friends (Hello you!) to try it out as I had high hopes for the place, despite never having tried it before. We'd all say we had a fantastic experience. 

{This platter cost roughly £45 ~}

I highly recommend this place and I know I'll be going back for more definitely!
I feel very slow on the discovery of this place but I'm sure it's very well established. Check them out on Facebook and if you don't mind the noise and general business of indoor markets (I think it gives the place charm actually) then definitely pay a visit.

{I was kindly accompanied by the beautiful pixie - Medina}

*I may sound very enthusiastic about this place but please rest assured this is my honest opinion and I've not been sponsored by them in any way whatsoever!*

Do you like sushi? Where is your favourite place to have sushi?

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  1. oh my! I'm so hungry for sushi now :3

  2. That platter looks divine! The sushi looks pretty fresh and I love the presentation of all the rolls!

    1. Hi Joey, I've also nominated you for a Liebster award. If you wish to accept it, you can read more about it here:

      Have a great day. :)

  3. Beautiful sushi presentation! mmmm! Always nice when the sushi looks pretty.

    from likkie,

  4. Wow... beautiful photos of the.... SUSHI! You make me want to eat it right now!


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