My favourite noodle bar.


Another foodie post to compensate for my lack of presence lately. I've probably been taking on too much work in and outside of Uni which takes a small toll on my blogging! But I had a brilliant time celebrating Chinese New Year and spent my weekend at London Anime Con the weekend just gone.
All good fun!!

Birmingham, considered the 2nd city of England has some very surprising treasures. As I continue to venture round and seem to forever stumble upon new places (I've been here 3 years!!) I always find new places that I come to love, cue my Sushi Birmingham post!
And this time, there's a gem just on the borders of China Town/ The Arcadian that I adore - Minmins!
A traditional Hong Kong-esque noodle bar with modern and funky interior design. It's a homey establishment friendly to students, families, couples... everyone! Business partners will come to try out new delicacies before discussing exciting projects at the spacious tables and students will love the Wi Fi and comfort of the restaurant.

But of course how is the quality of the food? Well MinMin's delicacies are derived from authentic Chinese Cuisine and as a native Hong Kong citizen (I have the ID Okay?! Dw, I'm pretty much still 89% British...) I'd say the food is pretty great! Generous portions means you get what you pay for and any condiments are free, (I recommend the chilli sauce with nearly everything tbh.) Customer service is brilliant and the menu isn't just noodles!!

There's everything for Asian food lovers of all kind, Japanese, Thai, Chinese and Vietnamese delicacies are available too. These vary in range from starts to mains and side dishes. A staple for everytime I visit is the Vietnamese Steam Cheung Fun and Tempura. My favourites on the Menu are Tom Yum (best soup base), Beef Brisket Ho Fun and Chicken Teryaki with soup noodles! I'm also a tiny bit addicted to Minmin Curry and Pork Cutlet - both served with rice.


Where is your favourite place to eat?

Hope you enjoyed this foodie post!


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  1. ahh everything looks delicious! I wish such a place would be somewhere in my neighbourhood :(

    1. A good traditional Chinese restaurant is usually on the turn of every big city!! I'm sure there's one near you! I hope you find it soon!
      Or you could always come here!

  2. Yummm!!! So good. Looks like a cute place to eat out!

    Likkie xx

  3. For a second, I was like "....what's Vietnamese Steam Cheung Fun??" and then I realised....LOL. (Sorry, I'm Vietnamese and we call it 'bahn cuon', but yeah, Chinese people call it 'cheung fun'!)
    The interior + food looks amazing!

    Vanessa | Citron and Guavaberry ʘ‿ʘ

    1. Vanessa you are so cuuuute! I'm actually half viet, but I've grown up more under Chinese influences. I can't speak a word of Viet but my mum is a true Viet through and through haha. ^^

    2. SAME!! Chinese-Viet, aww yiss! My parents are from Vietnam, but it's nice to grow up with multiple influences!

  4. I've never seen this place in Birms before! I need to go :D

    Fashion Ganache.


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