I'm so sorry!


I'm not dead! Well if we're not speaking metaphorically that is. My university life is rapidly drawing to an end as time bites and eats viciously away at my youth and motivation. Writing a Dissertation and Business Plan may not be the hardest thing I've ever done in life but I see no end to any of this!

I've been absent for over a month now and feel so terrible that I cannot even indulge in writing for my blog - one of my favourite things to do. Like ever.

Not that being so strapped for time has given me the chance to do anything exciting as of late anyway. Please don't forget about me! 

Meanwhile let me share my envy of all pets across the world - happy as they'll ever be always fed or sleeping yet perpetually loved. My rabbit bathing in some afternoon sunshine as I write my life away chained by a ten tonne weight to my laptop.

I wish anyone else that's in the same position as me all the best - usual writing will ensue as soon as I am free of more pressing urgencies...


P.S My blog is also going through some cosmetic surgery and has been postponed for now... links are a little weird but should all be working! Bear with me!

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  1. Yaaay, glad to see you still live!! I've been in the same boat. Classes are kicking my bum too! ;___; I love your bunny, so fluffy and cute, I wish I could bathe in the sun on my sofa as well! lol Hope to see more posts! <3

    1. Awwww Anna, you sweetheart, thank you so much! I finish properly in May - hope to be writing a LOT more then! I miss blogging so much - and this lovely community! (And you!) x

  2. Same, same, same. I finally finished classes last week but I've still got exams! Good luck on your dissertation + business plan!
    Sometimes I try to explain to my dog that I can't walk her because I'm busy working...she just huffs and goes back to sleeping. DAT LUXE LYFE ;-;

    1. I KNOW RIGHT?! Pets be like, dude I am WAY more important - give me attention!! But then you feel kind of guilty then you don't haha.

      I'm sure you'll ace your exams! Remember lots of sleep and water!


  3. He he, welcome back to the world of living ;) xoxo



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