I went to a Cat Café in London?!


The dream of every bachelorette or feline fan that ever lived. A cat café. All the adorableness and company of playful, fluffy cats accompanied by the sweet taste of coffee and cake. Without the commitments of kitty litter! (And dishes, may I add).

Lady Dinah's Cat Emporium opened in March and has been filled up to the brim with bookings ever since. I was lucky enough to be notified about the booking system long before that and managed to secure a visit in mid April - the place is simply lovely!!

All interior decorations are very cat friendly, furniture true to the theme of a modern, sophisticated victorian home. There are cat hammocks, scratching posts, climbing shelves, plenty to do and plenty to see for our nations favourite pets (on par with dogs, of course!) All of this, embedded in the home of niche - Shoreditch, just a few minutes from Brick Lane!

Enough of my rattle - I know what you're here for, the experience shall now animate before your very eyes! In some semi-amateur photography.

All fixtures are clearly thought about and purrfect cat perches.

It is a café after all! Cupcakes and coffees were all reasonably priced and delicious. The presentation of the foods were quaint and apt for the atmosphere, it was literally like a posh, English, afternoon tea, in the company of cats!
{This little one has to be my favourite! Oh she's just precious - Petra I believe they named her!}
{Guests are heavily encouraged to play and interact with the friendly cats, there are an array of toys and props available for games of catch and chase!}
Perfectly poised. The hourly slots were flexible dependent on the amount of customers at any one time - if it is quiet, you may stay longer, but if it is busy, you must adhere to the rules of the time slots! This ensures all customers spend fair times with the cats and the café isn't overpopulated at any one time (which may stress out the cats!!) Following this lovely afternoon, I took my first ever stroll on Brick Lane - and I can confirm it is vintage galore!

So what do you think? The cat café was such a positive experience, I am definitely visiting again, I'd recommend it as a perfect day out for anyone, families, couples, heck - some art students went just to sketch cats in close proximity! Anyone's welcome and the hosts are lovely too. With Brick Lane just minutes away and Spital fields around that corner, Shoreditch will most definitely offer you the most memorable and pleasantly leisurely of days!

Have you ever been to an animal café before?
Would you ever go?

(I long dream of the bunny café's in Japan. Oh the adorableness!!)


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  1. Oh my! That place seems to be trully amazing <3 Would love to go there.

    BUT omg, PETRA IS MAH FAV TOO. Look at all these fluffy baes :') (I VOLUNTEER TO GO TO A BUNNY CAFE WITH YOU)
    Ergh, hopefully I get to visit Brick Lane when I go to London next month!!! LOVE ME SOME VINTAGE AND QUIRK

  3. This is such a cute place. I have not ever been to an animal cafe (don't even know if one exists in Sydney) but I would definitely pay a visit. I think it would be an interesting experience :) I love things with a twist.

  4. lovely blog :) this looks like a fun place to be!

  5. So adorable!! You take beautiful pictures. I hope to someday visit a cat cafe. :)


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