You shall go to the ball!


Have I come back from a very long hiatus? Possibly.

I survived the last ever deadline of my university projects and now I anxiously await the results. In the large gap between handing in and being scored, me and my friends are now inevitably puzzled with the amount of free time we have, asking, why are we not spending hours looming over our keyboards on MS Word?! Why are we not still complaining about the complexities of InDesign and unreliable-ness of laptops! (A moment of silence for those who broke their PCs during crunch time...)

But it all went out with a bang (a drink and a dance too, of course). So my first ever ball? How was it?
Well, I can't say I think much of headliner Scott Mills (who is just an iTunes DJ nonetheless) or the starter that the event decided to change without telling me (they served me cheese...) but the company of 5 lovely girls completed the night.

I am grateful for a lovely ball to tie up the last 3 years of my time at University overall. Let's illustrate the day with some pictures! Apologies in advance for goofy photos (but in my personal opinion, silly photos are much more fun than pose-ey ones!)

{What cheesy photoshoot would it be without the good ol' Charlie's Angels pose?!}

{Thank you trusty self-timer function, for allowing us all to be in the picture! Sometimes, I'm so goofy...}

The graduate ball was held at Birmingham's famous symphony hall - the ICC. It's also where my graduation itself will be taking place. The stage was perfectly set, tables perfectly laid. The MC told us there were 1,100 tickets sold! Well, the entire hall was filled so it's certainly believable. What I love about balls is the variety of dresses you get to see - it was a mini fashion show all of its own! 
(Fashion students are always the best dressed, of course.)

{Table 79 represent!}

{The band was actually very good, impressive male vocalist who performed song after song without any mistakes!}

Again, to a brilliant night and the end of an era!

That night I wore:
Dress - Aqua by Aqua
Shoes - Miss Selfridge
Face - 3CE

I chose my dress because I wanted something very different, (Also I have a deep rooted hatred for poofy glittery prom dresses...) despite going to a ball and I've loved the craftsmanship that goes into Aqua by Aqua garments. I've been a fan for a very long time. That beautiful cutting... and the dress actually was available in white and black among other prints - but I didn't want to be boring, plus this colour is so not so harsh to wear, perfect for the summer! Safe to say I'm madly and deeply in love with this dress - I only wish I were that bit taller!! 

Short girl problems - can you relate?
It never stopped me anyway!


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    Insanely jealous because I've never been to a ball! Love the colour of your dress (y'all look fierce), and congrats on graduating and finishing everything up!

  2. nice pictures! beautiful girls!



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