Japan Expo 2014 In Paris!


I began attending conventions when I was 18. That was 4 years ago (yikes!) and I've been slightly addicted to them ever since. They're a heaven for all things nerdy, geeky and people of all sorts of backgrounds to gather and share the same interests. I've made so many friends through attending conventions I think I'll still be loitering the gaming areas when I'm 50! 

Japan Expo is one of the largest conventions in the whole of Europe celebrating 5 days worth of Japanese culture, performances, art exhibitions, authentic Japanese cuisine... it's heaven! The only issue? Everything is in French! Believe me, I'm no xenophobe but at times it would be hard to navigate around the convention and communicate with exhibitors and other attendees, but it's by far one of the best and most organised conventions I have ever been to. If you're a regular attendee at London MCM Expo - it's about triple the size of that.

{The most the delicious Onigiri I have ever eaten}
{Diamond Lashes - Popular Tokyo Brand! Will review soon ~}
{The reboot of Sailor Moon prompted a remake of the series and promotional products! I will be doing a separate review on this!}
{I forgot the seller of these... but they will be at Hyper Japan!}

To top off my experience, I got a photo with one of my favourite Japanese models AYUMI SETO. I swooned, she is just as pretty in real life as in photographs, how can anyone be so adorable!? Kawaii Ojisan not to mention - he's an internet sensation! (Especially on tumblr.) I got a selfie with him too!

That week I also grew an addiction to Onigiri, I now crave it maniacally - it's so good and filling, simply delicious and the people there that made it was the best I've ever had before! I'd become such a regular at the stall I even got a free one! Much love to Onigiri-Ya! I hope to see them at Hyper Japan!
(I couldn't find a link to their page...)

BEST BUYS: Diamond lashes (will do a review soon!) - the promotional prices were pretty decent for overseas pricing and I got this gorgeous Kimono bow with Kimono charm from Kokomono. Met an amazing Kimono cosplayer too, please support her at Kei-Lin-Sama!
The whole week I spent working with Estatic Arts, therefore had less time to roam and take quality photos - these are all taken from my phone. I hope they'll give you a small taste of my first ever convention abroad nonetheless.

Are you a Manga, Anime or Video Game enthusiast? 
Have you ever been to an anime convention?

With thanks to Estatic Arts!


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  1. One of the hard things in France is the fact that you NEED to now the language otherwise people won't help you or care for you. I have a friend hat lives there she always needs to help us because even if they know english, they won't speak it.

    About the JE, I'm thinking about attendind it next year with a group of friends :3
    Take care*

  2. Ahh looks like you had a great time at the expo. I swear we don't have something like this in Sydney. Lucky you :P

  3. oh you got a chance to go such amazing event
    I wish I was there

  4. Ohhh you're so lucky! I've been going to conventions for years, since I was 13! I'm such an otaku :<

    Looks like fun,
    Likkie Xiong

    1. We all know that only the cool kids can become otaku! Haha you didn't hear it from me :P
      It was oodles of fun! I can't wait to go again!

      Thanks for commenting. ^^

  5. That's so amazing, I wish we have Japan Expo here! I love the adorable items, especially the Sailor Moon powder.. how wondeful! =D

    Take care always, love Christine ~ xx


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