Sailor Moon Crystal - The Beauty Compact!


Have you ever come across a product so beautiful that you can't bring yourself to use it? Despite its sole purpose being for your use? I am that irrational person and I can empathise.
Somewhat over a decade ago I used to sit, usually not all that interested in television unless a particular show was on: Sailor Moon. My entire childhood and life I have believed this to be an ultimate classic of its time and forever will be. Any and all magical girls that have come after will never really reach the standards set by the Sailor Moon series. It is simply perfect! So it is only understandable that I was somewhat anxious and sceptical about the anniversary reboot of Sailor Moon (Sailor Moon Crystal - a much shinier and enhanced animated adaptation of the original series). For any other Sailor Moon fans have you seen it yet? Watch the trailer below! 

To celebrate and promote the rebirth of the series, Bandai Namco released a series of make up items inspired by the anime and manga. The compact I have purchased is actually a shimmering powder, simple in its essence but beautiful to look at. Perfect for any occasion, alas I have yet to apply it! However the case is just as it looks, beautifully made, lovingly packaged and true to the designs of Sailor Moon and for 35€ what more could I ask for?

And since I purchased it directly from Bandai Namco at Japan Expo I can confirm it is 100% authentic and due to the popularity of the product is sold out on MOST sites, if you're lucky you may still be able to hunt one down! However some merchants are selling it for pretty ridiculous prices so be careful with your wallet!

Product is manufactured by creerbeaute.

Are you a Sailor Moon Fan? 
What are your thoughts about the remake and promotion?

Happy Wednesday!


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  1. You're so LUCKY oh it's beautiful!!! I'd buy two and keep one in a ziplock bag, and the other out to admire OwO.

    likkie xx,

  2. AHHH I'm STILL dying over here over the trailer! I can stream it but I haven't had the time yet!! ;____; Also, I'm totally jealous of your compact, I'd be a total basket case and not use it but really really want to! lol. It's just too damn pretty. It'd almost serve as a gorgeous decorative piece on a makeup vanity. I'm excited about the reboot, and because it's nostalgia at it's finest for me and my giant Sailor Moon fangirl heart, I'm pleased to know that it's truer to the manga (which as I've been told is a 100x's better!) I'm dying to get my hands on some of that makeup though! *___*

  3. LITERALLY DROPPED THE F-BOMB WHEN I SAW THE COMPACT. I HATE YOU AND YOUR BEAUTIFUL THINGS. I've been seeing trailers/posts about the remake for a while now, but have been too busy to watch. CHILDHOOD ME IS DISAPPOINT WITH 'YOUNG ADULT' ME.


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