Life, Oh Life.


It's been a month since my last blog post and while I have been absent from blogging I certainly have not been absent from life! Let me tell you the very good reasons I've been away (and after this quick update perhaps normal posting will ensue!! Right?) So this past month I have...

1) Got a new job...
At Harvey Nichols! I've always wanted to work at HN. A certain friend had hyped up the staff entrance and discounts and amazing things there are to see and experience daily. My role is still small but I have always preferred being a small fish in a big pond. I believe every member is just as important in order to make a company run - you see, a good company is like a good car. Every part plays an important role, from the doors to the engine. I'm excited to see where my ventures will take me!

What's brilliant about Harvey Nichols is they select an edit of what's available to the highest degree. Everything is luxury and everything is premium. I'm constantly learning more and more about new brands, company ethos and walking amongst household names like Givenchy, Valentino, Christian Louboutin, Proenza Schouler the list goes on... I love everything I work with. Being the first to see what arrives in store is also a perk of the job. Needless to say working here I'm filling my fashion appetite daily.

2) Moved to London...
{Top to bottom: My new flat - Ice cream waffles at Hyde Park - Mocha at Maison d'etre Café - Homely meal from a restaurant in Wood Green.}

Following securing my job at Knightsbridge in London, of course that warranted a move. I remember being 16, sitting on the sofa. Planning my life out. I'd go here and be there and do this - with no actual idea how anything worked! But 6 years later (Gosh do I feel old) I'm here and I'm living. Taxes, bills, rent... these are just a few words that I hate. But put a city life blanket over that and the world is a door of new and exciting opportunities. Now that I'm in the capital city I feel a wave of adventurousness. Find me hunting new shopping outlets, quirky restaurants and huffing and puffing searching for the next thing to do. Some days I am restless but most days I am simply curious.  
Expect more posts about style steals, fresh foods and London life! 

3) Graduated!

{Hat throws are compulsory for all graduates, of course}

You know what, part of me thought I'd never graduate. I'm not book smart. I never was and I probably never will be. The idea of sitting in the same chair, reading from the same book and memorising words that don't interest me would be like an academic torture. So naturally, I chose an "arts" subject. An ambiguous title, yes I know. Naturally you may assume an "arts" subject is a little bit wishy washy, and I completely agree - I had that very same impression. However what was highly neglected not long ago can become extremely valuable. There are engineers, mechanics, mathematic of all manners and degrees. Then there are the creationists, the pioneers, inventors, artists and designers. In order to build and craft a dimensional world, all types of people are required, no?
I must also add - wearing the robe is huge fun. I would definitely recommend it trying it at least once! 

{Please excuse excessive duckfacing... goodbye student life! There was laughter, tears and maybe one or two troublesome hurdles. But I got there, in the end!}


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  1. AHHHH! Joey! Congratulations on graduating!!!! AND moving, and the new job! How exciting to start such a wonderful new phase in life. I wish you the best of luck in your new endeavors and I'm happy to see a new post from you! <3 AAAAAND, you look fantastic in your pictures! Love the liner and bright lip combo on you! ^_^ Gorgeous!

    1. Anna thank you so much!!! -sniffle- (I keep wanting to call you panda, that'd be a cute nickname, right?)
      I'm so glad you didn't forget about me in my absence! I am so mega jealous of your urban decay collection - I'm saving all of my money up for the naked palette!!

    2. Ahh, no need to be jellz my friend. I saved up to get them too, it takes time I know! When I got the Naked 3, I didn't buy any other makeup for over 3 months to save up. Also, I love the nickname panda! My hubby and some personal friends call me that too! I would not mind at all if you called me that! ^__^ <3

  2. It's been a while, Joey~! First, congratulation on your graduation and your new life in London! It must be pretty nice to finally fullfill your dream to live there >.< I envy you for finally being able to do that! Also, congratz on your new job in HN. I actually never heard of this store but it sounds so exclusive and expensive! The discount you will get for these designer brands doesn't sound too bad either haha :D Must be like heaven for you to see the newest collection and fashion pieces there as fashion blogger and lover :p Can't wait for more posts in the future and you look beautiful and mature in your graduation photos!! ♥

    Mindy ♥

    1. Thank you so much Mindy! I half still can't believe I'm living in London. You're not the first one to be a stranger to HN! I'm surprised a lot of my friends don't know what HN was. I thought it was quite a famous company! Sitting proudly among the likes of Harrods... Selfridges... Heheh.
      Awww and thank you so much for your kind words about my graduation pictures!! //shy// You're too kind!!
      I'm so glad I'm back into blogging and can catch up with awesome bloggers like you!

  3. AYYYY congrats on everything! Man, you're livin' dat dream lyfe right now! ;)
    I'd love to live in London, and though I had to google Harvey Nichols, that's one impressive gig! Also, SLAYIN' IN THOSE BRIGHT LIPS.

      But thank you - I am flattered nonetheless and my bright lips thank you also. They are extremely flattered. <3

  4. Congratulations ^^

    So sweet!!

    All the delicious food made me hungry >.<

    恵美より ♥

  5. Congratulations on graduating! Lovely photos :)

  6. Hello Joey, I love your blog! :-). Keep up the good work!

  7. Ooooh, this post got me hungry! Really cute photos. And also, congratulations!


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