First Sheinside Mini Haul!


My first ever purchases from Sheinside! The clothes are super affordable, yes the quality is a little low but you fully pay for what you get! I ordered these just a little before summer to accommodate for the warm and nice weather that Great Britain is having right now. My choices became a little more adventurous as outside of work I like to dress a bit more quirky and colourful, besides - it's summer!! If summer doesn't make you want to wear colours, no other season will!

The first is a burger top, with the caption, 'Aymmy' the quality of this top was very good, I was impressed with the 3D lettering and prints on the burger and sleeves. This has a fun american feel to it. The length is also true to the picture but I prefer to tuck it in! It's a really cool and laid back, loose T shirt. I also believe it's a line that's something to do with popular Harajuku model Ayumi Seto? Would make a lot of sense if so! And here she is modelling it!

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{I wore the top to Japan expo and London MCM expo!}

The second item I want to talk about is the Mickey Mouse top! I was quite unsure about it as on the website it looked like a cotton T shirt, however the fabric is actually jersey so it's pretty stretchy, but fits nicely since it's one size. I usually detest tight fitting T shirts but the quality of this was pretty good too!

Unfortunately not too many snaps of me donning the haul but I'm overall pleased with the choices I made. I will however express my dispappointment in the jumpsuit. It was extremely small (size4/6) and so fragile that the strap hook broke whilst being tried on. The colour I expected was also a wine red but arrived more of a blood red. Internet shopping is always a risk I'm afraid so it'll just have to be a matter of taking the plunge for the look of something you really like! 

Overall, Sheinside is a mixed bag. Most of the reviews under their product pages will rate 5 stars as users are rewarded with loyalty points for doing so, so these ratings hold very little validity.
I'm so busy and tired these days I rarely have time for any high street shopping so later on I will compile a list of my favourite online stores to shop at! Hopefully some of y'all will find this useful and share with me some of your favourite sites too?

*This is not a sponsored review and needs to be archived as it is old!*
Where do you like to shop online?
Let me know in a comment below!


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  1. Ahh so cute! I've been wanting to order from them, but I have had bad luck ordering clothes online (much of the "one size" even after comparing measurements to my own, never fit me right!). So glad to hear that you are happy with your first order, I'll have to check it out!

    1. You know what we're in the exact same boat! Sheinside runs on Asian sizes so their one size is probably a western M at best - unless the picture has the garment looking super baggy. That's why I usually stick to T shirts and loose tops haha. Do let me know if you order from them! x

    2. Oh! Good to know, I need L for US sizes. M would fit, but a bit too snug for my liking, I'll keep this in mind, thanks for the tip! <3 I'll definitely do a post/let you know if I decide to order! :3


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