February Favourites!


Oh the month of love, pancakes and most importantly, the lunar new year! To celebrate all these things I love I figured I would treat myself to little pampering pieces and a new colour for the spring and summer that is fast approaching. I've been a happy bunny this month, seeing a friend I had not seen since my move to London. It's definitely harder to stay in touch when everyone is growing up, working full time and planning trips! But every get together is an accomplishment and it really reminds me of how valuable time with friends truly is. Remember; Time is made, not found!

{Brunch however is always best made and not found! We found a lovely lunch bar to snack and chat away in. The food and coffee were lovely and delectable.}

{Let's begin the post!}

I've lusted after this moisturiser for a while now. My first time ever trying it I remember I was flying to Hong Kong and purchased foundation from a Chanel counter at the airport. The beauty assistant told me that this gel cream was the best for combination/oily skin which was perfect for me and she sampled a small coverage on my cheeks before my flight. She promised that the cream would keep my skin hydrated throughout the flight despite being thousands of miles in the air and dried out by the natural environments. I was not disappointed and it indeed helped me to stay refreshed on my 12 hour flight. 
Last week I took the plunge and decided to purchase it. Being sold at official Chanel counters for £50 it can put some people off, but this stuff is amazing. The cream is also slightly perfumed for a cleanly scent. I know that heavily perfumed moisturisers can be bad for the skin but the natural ingredients in this cream are very gentle on the skin and the scent is light.
I must also pass credit to this extremely efficient sample I received! This eye make up remover is effective and still gentle on the skin. Looks like I'll be saving up for the full sized bottle soon!

My favourite new lipstick is this YSL number in a coral shade. 

I could not resist the beautifully packaged YSL Rogue Volupte Shine lipstick. When I was first shown the product, I saw that the consistency was quite thin and worried that it would smudge easily, however the reason for this is that Rogue Volupte Shine actually moisturises the lips but because of how thin it is will require applying perhaps twice throughout the day. This is definitely going to be my new lipstick staple for Spring/Summer and the shade I am using is No.12 Coral Incandescent.

Both my purchases today were made at Harvey Nichols.

What are your favourite beauty buys for the month?



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  1. The lipstick is a gorgeous shade! I love lipsticks that have a great color payoff and moisturizes the lips :)


  2. The food looks delicious, and the lipstick is gorgeous, I'm so jealous!!
    You have a lovely blog, maybe you would like to follow each other on GFC and bloglovin? let me know!
    xoxo, Mai <3

  3. Oh very cute lipstick sweetie



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