Dining In The Sky


{In order of appearance - Ham Hock & Parsley Terrine, Chargrilled Goodwood Ribeye Steak and "Rhubarb's" Handmade Beefburger.}

If there were ever a term for individuals that had reverse-vertigo syndrome, I would fall neatly into that category. Exactly one year ago I visited the Heron Tower, a place to eat with a view. This year, I booked myself in for brunch at the Darwin Brasserie. A semi-new restaurant sitting neatly above the patio area of the Sky Garden. The food was delicious. Generous portions at an average price. The waiters also kindly informed me that the cocktail menu was brand new and all concoctions were freshly invented. Of course we had to try. I had a coffee martini which was far too strong for me and was almost bitter to taste. Bar that (my pathetic intolerance for pure alcohol), everything tasted amazing, fresh and delicious - especially the melt-in-your-mouth steak. Probably one of the most delicious steaks I have ever tried.

After eating till I felt Oogie Boogie ripping at the seams, I gently walked off the food coma in the brightly lit surroundings and open space. Just below the Darwin Brasserie there was a coffee bar that sold an array of brunch food and selection of cocktails.
The observation deck and and open air terrace are free to tour, but you must book an appointment first. The experience offers stunning views of the Shard, Gherkin and the Cheese grater at eye-level sitting right above the Thames. I would say that the Sky Garden sits happily along the titles of these prestigious London sky scraper establishments.

As the name would suggest - all foliage is natural and watered throughout the day. The Sky Garden is a proud creation that was deeply thought out by architects to create a vibrant and open space for leisure and viewing the city of London at many different angles - ideal for dates, family outings and showing your family from abroad just how hardcore of a tourist you can be... even if you live in London.

{Caught in the act! I look so goofy!}

Conveniently it was also free cone day, (Thank you Mr. Ben and Jerry) topping off a hot foodie day with a sweet treat.

Have any fellow Londoners (or tourists, I don't discriminate!) visited the Sky Garden? 
How did you find the visit?


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  1. Classy! Waiting for you to take me on a lunch date too la~
    I think the pedestrians could see your bright red lippy too haha <3

  2. Very snazzy! Such a wonderful venue! I must go try this place out! Well jell!

  3. *___* what an amazing piece of architecture! I'm completely in love with the views and the atmosphere overall! Also, that food looks scrumptious! I'm drooling. lol And of course, you look amazingly gorgeous as usual Joey! <3

  4. What a fabulous place.. the food looks amazing too :)

    Take care always, love Christine ~ xx


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