3CE Lipstick Review // Sugary Cake

Another 3ce product review! I cannot get enough of their lipsticks and since I don't own a matte nude shade, 3ce was my ultimate go-to. Now I have never had a nude lipstick and wasn't sure if they would suit my skin tone, but out of pure impulse and indulgence I purchased one and the colour was lovely.

I got the matte nude, named Sugary Cake. It's a soft nude and I do adore the luxurious colour.

So what's the verdict? Do I love the colour? Absolutely. Does it feel amazing? ... well, it's hard to admit but it's actually very dry. It doesn't glide on easily and since I have dry lips a lot of the time it does the opposite of moisturise them. While the shade is perfect, it's difficult to wear and sometimes too drying and uncomfortable. I don't know if this is the same with all matte lipsticks, as this is my first. But I'll probably keep wearing this as I love the shade, I'll just have to abuse some more lip balm and go from there!

Have you ever tried a matte lipstick? Do you find it dry or perfectly fine?
I'd love some brand recommendations that aren't too drying, maybe then I can wear it round the clock!



  1. 3CE products are some of my favourites^^ This lipstick is really pretty and suits you so well, thanks for the review!


  2. Oh this shade looks great on your complexion! I've been dying to try a lipstick or two..or three from them but haven't gotten around to ordering any! I'd love a more flesh beige nude as those work better on me. I've got dry lips too so I avoid matte formulas mostly.


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