A Sailor Moon Haul!


Ever since my first purchase of the 20th anniversary compact I have become increasingly obsessed with Sailor Moon merchandise. The reboot of the series Sailor Moon crystal had memories of my childhood stirring from the first episode. It was inevitable. I was a child again.

Having previewed the latest Sailor Moon merchandise collection at Japan Expo 2015, I knew exactly what was going to be released these coming months. I began growing my collection again. Albeit I was slow on the uptake with the Samantha Vega x Sailor Moon bags, I desperately wanted a real one but couldn't justify spending over $500+ for it. So ergo I found myself a really good replica. There are several obvious differences in the bootleg and the real version. A particularly good video circulating these can be found here.

I began seeing several people with the Luna and Artemis bag, so I opted for something different, so I chose the Diana bag. It comes in a cute lilac colour which may be harder to match with clothes but I love a good challenge! Who doesn't love a good challenge?

It's a good size that fits in most wallets and vital bits and bobs (snacks and makeup), the lining is a pattern of the Sailor Moon cats and the series' logo's. With cute little pockets inside too. I think it's really important for fan merch to be subtle and wearable and this bag combines the perfect two. The faux leather is admittedly not the best quality but you can't really ask for more with the price of $35!
I bought mine from syndromestore where the black and white colours are available also.

For the second part of the review I shall show you the latest Sailor Moon 20th Anniversary Compact. The miracle romance compact! And a couple of the lip balms (Sailor Saturn x Uranus).
I've been contemplating these lip balms for so long, just because I know the ingredients are so ordinary. I'm also the kind of person that is hesitant to use beautiful things. (Yes, wasteful, I know.)

{I've also laid out the original compact for comparison!}

The original compact (1st series) is more of a shimmer/glimmery powder and the new Miracle Romance powder is more of a setting powder. If you are enthusiastic about make-up and quality products you'll notice that there are much better items out there than these compacts for the uses stated above. But I did not buy them to use them... so it bothered me none!

Needless to say, I love all of the above. I hope I can continue to grow my collection, but living in London makes this extremely difficult, not to mention the mark-up percentages are nearly double the item's actual worth! I (im)patiently await my next trip to Asia where I can stock up my nerdy goodies.

Are you a die hard fan of anything?
Do you collect merchandise?


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  1. I can't justify spending $500+ for the real bag either. :(
    I was looking on eBay for a decent replica of the bag, but now I'm considering getting mine from syndromestore thanks to you! I'm such a sucker for Sailor Moon. It brings back fond childhood memories. :)
    The compacts are adorable, but I'd totally pick up the lipbalms!

  2. That bag is gorgeous! Must add to my collection and also those compacts! I think I'll need to make a trip to Japan soon so I can go splurge on Sailor Moon stuff :((

    Chloe Rose

  3. So, I didn't even know that there was even more merch, but $500 for a small bag??? DIE HARD FANS AND THEIR MERCHANTS ARE CRAY. Also, yes to the lilac! :D
    And I think we're all hesitant to use beautiful things, lol.Buuuuuut, at the end of the day, we did pay money for the product and we shouldn't waste it, so YOU HAVE TO USE IT UP AT SOME POINT. THOSE LIP BALMS AND COMPACTS THOUGH. I CRY.

  4. Oh ery wonderful haul
    Super Kawaii *w*



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